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30% of Women Say Sex Hurts — This Is How Sex Toys Can Fix That

Sex should never hurt. Think of sex toys as tools to help your body get back into gear for pleasurable playtime, because you deserve those orgasms.

Can my wife get addicted to sex toys? - Uncovering Intimacy

Sex toys are fun, in my experience, as the husband, and we use them fairly frequently. At different times, we use them more or less, or different kinds more or less. For example, during the last pregnancy, we don’t use many at all, because my wife tends to be very orgasmic while pregnant. Right now (10 months post pregnancy), we use them a ...

When Sex Hurts: Tips and Tricks to Overcome Discomfort ...

The easiest fix to treat painful sex is the use of a lubricant. Use a few drops for you and have your partner rub a few drops all over themselves so you both are ready to go.

My wife has no desire for sex. What can I do?

Q. Menopause and hot flashes have taken my sex life away. My wife is 54 and started menopause at 46. For the past eight years it has been like I am married to my sister. My wife has no desire for ...

9 Sex Toy Mistakes You Might Be Making | SELF

The best thing about sex toys is that you can pretty much use them in whatever way brings you pleasure. It’s your body, so you get to pick what toys to use and how: the shape, the type of touch ...

What It's Like to Use Sex Toys - How to Use a Dildo or Vibrator

I thought I was going to hurt him! Do you feel like you enjoy non-sex-toy sex more or less since you started using sex toys? Woman A: If anything, I enjoy non-sex-toy sex more. Toys feel really ...

How to Use Sex Toys | Health.com

Find out the best ways to use the most popular sex toys, including the rabbit vibrator, bullet vibrator, dildo, and vibrating penis ring, according to a sex expert.

The 7 Most Terrifying Sex Toys Ever Patented | Cracked.com

The sex doesn't stop there, folks. Get some more in our new book (that you can have sex with). For terrifying creations from the sex world, check out The 25 Most Disturbing Sex Toys and 6 Depraved Sexual Fetishes That Are Older Than You Think .

What Not Having Sex Does to Your Marriage - The Marriage Place

This is a big problem in my marriage. I’ve literally done everything that you suggested and I still get no sex from my wife. We had sex 3 times in 2017. 3! I love my wife and family and I don’t want to cheat or leave her, but I’m finding myself looking and flirting with other women more and more these days. When we do have sex, as rarely ...

How to Approach Sex With Your Wife! - PairedLife

Second, lighten your wife's load before you approach her about sex. Many women work full time, raise children, and take care of most of the household chores. The more you can help your wife (not only when you want sex), the less tired she will be and your help will make her feel loved. Third, do something special for your wife frequently.