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Does this site and their products look legit? : SexToys - reddit

Does this site and their products look legit? Discussion nsfw. This site is mainly for guys and it’s basically sex doll torsos. I have been browsing the website and it looks a bit suspicious. Here is the website: https://dloex.com. I’m looking at some and I am pretty skeptical about it. Most of the reviews on most of the sex torsos are less ...

Lovehoney.com Is it legit? : SexToys - reddit

level 1. D_Lilly. Affiliate Link User 5 years ago. Yes. If you're outside the UK, though, there will be a customs form on the outside of your box. Even if you buy from Lovehoney.com, all stuff ships from UK, this is what I've been told from my affiliate rep. 6. level 2. meercat6192.

Is this toy legit? : SexToys - reddit.com

Two things: 1. Buying sex toys from Amazon, Ebay, or Aliexpress is a bad idea. There's an unacceptably high chance you'll receive a knockoff made of an unsafe material. Best to stick with reputable sex shops. 2. Most masturbators, including Fleshlights, Tengas, and the one you linked to, are made of porous materials like TPE.

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Scam vs. Legit Sites/Vendors : SexDolls - reddit.com

level 1. ultragecko22. · 1m. Check out dollforum.com They list most reputable vendors. Yldoll doesn’t appear to be in their list, but that doesn’t mean they are not legit. On a side note when you see full sized dolls listed around $500 thats usually a red flag to look out for. 10. level 2.

What is the best website to buy a sex doll on? - reddit

level 1. HumanLikeSexDolls. · 9m. Some of the indications if a site is legit or not is the price, if the price is too low, it has a big chance of being a scam or they send you fake or imitation branded dolls. u/Tom-sexdoll-expert has some tips on how to know if a website is legit or not. You can also check our website and open the chat support ...

Does anyone know if this sex doll is legit? : SexToys

This site has realistic inflatable sex dolls and i love how they aren't goofy looking like most inflatable dolls, this ones proportions are realistic and the face and breasts are not plastic (the rest is tho) its more affordable, compact and lighter than the TPE sex dolls. I would like to know if this site is legitimate or not so I don't end up ...

Where is a good place to buy sex toys? Amazon or shopify ...

The sex toy industry is completely unregulated so anyone can slap non-toxic/body safe on a dangerous toy. Dedicated sex toy merchants are a better idea but even then, Lovehoney (a huge and respected adult retailer) sells jelly toys. But from love honey you can find quality brands that you know will be genuine.

Is this a legitimate site and is this a good first doll ...

They also do not mention manufacturers for example WM or 6ye all good vendors mention this as it is important for quality assurance. Looks like a counterfeit site but I have no direct experience. 3. level 2. [deleted] · 1y. Cheers mate I thought best to ask hear if it was legit. 2.

17 Of The Best Places To Buy Sex Toys Online

6. Arguably, Etsy is hands down the best place to get your hands on some sex toys that'll make your freak flag fly sky-high. It has customizable dildos in every shape and size, faux-tail butt ...