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Bill Barr proves he's as useless as a marzipan dildo - Fark

Marzipan (yaaay!) Dildoes (noooo!) Anything's a dildo if you're brave enough. or hungry enough, in this case.

Aesop Storytelling Series – Episode 2: As useless as a ...

And likewise, the opposite is true: without a narrative your brand is about as culturally useful as, well, a marzipan dildo. Ed Woodcock is director of narrative at storytelling agency Aesop.

What Malcolm Tucker Insult Do You Deserve To Hear Today?

What Malcolm Tucker Insult Do You Deserve To Hear Today? Are you an omnishambles, or are you as useless as a marzipan dildo? by Hannah Jewell.

The Thick of It: top 10 Malcolm Tucker moments

Moaning about minister on the phone: "He's about as much use as a marzipan dildo." To a pair of rival advisors: "Laurel and fucking Hardy! Glad you could join us.

Malcolm Tucker: [on the phone] No, he's useless, he's ...

A great memorable quote from the The Thick of It movie on Quotes.net - Malcolm Tucker: [on the phone] No, he's useless, he's absolutely useless. No, he is. He's as useless as a marzipan dildo.

Are these TV's best-ever putdowns? Not without Malcolm Tucker ...

A new list purports to rank the greatest ever insults on television. With no quotes from The Thick of It, it’s as useful as a marzipan dildo

amor mundi: I Think More People Will Read About Marzipan ...

By way of conclusion, let me add that I do not concede that a marzipan dildo would be useless. Off the top of my head I can think of any number of uses for one. Curses, I want my goddamn marzipan dildo!

What In the Loop director Armando Iannucci taught Sacha Baron ...

In that light, Tucker’s decidedly abusive command of simile (“He’s as useless as a marzipan dildo”), hyperbole (“I’d love to stop and chat but I’d rather have type 2 diabetes ...

MARZIPAN | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

marzipan definition: 1. a soft, yellow or white food made from almonds, sugar, and eggs, used for decorating cakes and…. Learn more.

Twitter King Is Gov’t Staffer | Blacklock's Reporter

Using the pseudonym Neil Before Zod – “It sounds better than Neil from the corner cubicle in accounting,” he wrote – the staffer posted 20 to 40 messages daily including vulgar attacks on MPs and senators. Zod last night acknowledged his real name, Neil Waytowich of Peterborough, Ont., after Blacklock’s confirmed his identity.