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If sudsing up your toy after every use seems like a lot of work, there are super-convenient sex toy cleaners that can be used in a pinch prior to a more thorough wash.

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DIY toys for sex and masturbation can be a great option if you're just beginning to (literally) play with your sex life—solo or with a partner. They're a low-cost, convenient way to experiment ...

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O’Neill also says you can also have your partner use the sock while you use your own sex toy on yourself as a way to join the fun for some mutual masturbation. Hero Images 16 of 40

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In many ways, Eros luxury sex machines manage to reach places ordinary sex toys can only dream of. Unfortunately, most of those places are mountains of madness and valleys of absurdity. You'll notice that it is designed for not one but two users. (If you're wondering about the logistics: One lies down and the other one straddles the high part.

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And if you're really clever, once you've used up this bar (give it a week) you can try scooping holes into other scented soaps of your choice and turning them into squeaky clean sex toys.

How To Make $39,000 By Testing Sex Toys At Home

You try the toys, rate them, and are compensated over $39,000 a year. This is the workaday of 24-year-old Nat Garvey, reports The Sun, a British woman who tests out all the sex toys for Passion, a ...

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Keep in mind, however, that there are many rubber formulations, and some may respond better than others. Also, there is no miracle cure, and some hardened rubber items will simply be too far gone for softening. You are actually damaging the rubber by heating it to soften it, and some items cannot take the beating any longer.