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Lube 101: How to Use Lube | AH! YES

Anal lubricant – Unlike the vagina, the anus cannot self-lubricate so it’s essential to use lots of lube to make anal sex easier and more pleasurable. It also helps to avoid tearing the delicate tissues.

How to Use a Lube Shooter to Have the Best Anal Sex

Some ass syringes come pre-lubed, while others might require filling the tube (if you need a good lube recommendation, try Goodparts). Once the lube shooter is filled, remove the plastic cap and insert it into the anus. Depress on the plunger and slowly dispense as you remove the shooter. And that’s it.

How To Use Lube - 12 Different Ways To Use Lube

These are the best, most creative ways to actually use lube. Use it for an epic hand job.. Try smearing a few drops on your hands or putting some on your partner’s penis before you... Take fingering your partner up a notch.. Try this pro tip from O’Reilly: Lube up your fingers, and cross them, ...

The Best Lubricants for Anal Sex | Bespoke Surgical

The anus does not self-lubricate like the vagina, so it is essential to have an abundance of lube to prevent discomfort and minimize the risk of injury. It’s hard to find any lube that beats the slickness and endurance of silicone. Silicone (and water-based) lubes are safe to use with latex condoms.

How to Use Lube During Sex - How to Use Lube

3. Use it for any type of anal play (penetration or not!) Lube is pretty much a necessity when attempting any sort of anal penetration for obvious reasons, but it should also be used for anal play ...

What can i use for anal lube thats safe? | Sexual Intercourse ...

thedoctorisin28473 over a year ago. Olive oil is almost certain to irritate your butt if you use it as lube, because your anus isn't meant to be simmered in olive oil. You MUST use a water-based lube (like KY or Astroglide) and leave the olive oil in the skillet.

How to Use Lube to Make Sex So Much Better | Health.com

Using lube during sex will enhance sexual sensation for you and your partner. Find out more about all the different kinds of personal lubricants and how to use lube to make sex and masturbation ...

How to Prepare for Anal Sex: 13 Anal Sex Tips From Doctors | SELF

Listen, we recommend lube in most sexual experiences anyway, but using lube is an absolute must during penetrative anal play, Joseph Frankhouse, M.D., medical director of colorectal surgery at ...

The Best Lubes for Anal Sex, According to Sexperts | Shape

“Lube applicators allow you to easily lube up the interior anal canal,” she says. Just insert your lube-of-choice into the applicator, use your finger to apply some lube to the applicator, and whammo-bammo, you’re set!

How to use lubricants correctly (Pure Romance) - YouTube

Did you know that most women apply lubricants incorrectly? Learn how to use them the right way to prevent pain.Find the right lubricant for you: https://www....