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Anus Definition, Parts, Diseases and Functions in Human ...

"The anus is an opening at the opposite end of an animal’s digestive tract from the mouth." On the Dictionary.com, you will find a bit detailed definition: "The human anus is an opening at the lower end of the alimentary canal for the excretion of the solid waste of the body." Here is a bit more comprehensive anus definition:

Swollen Anus: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Overview. The anus is the opening at the end of your anal canal. The rectum sits between your colon and anus and acts as a holding chamber for stool. When pressure in your rectum becomes too great ...

Imaging of the Female Perineum in Adults | RadioGraphics

The anal sphincter is a multilayered cylindric structure, with the following layers extending outward from the innermost mucosal lining: the smooth muscle layer of the internal sphincter, the fat-containing intersphincteric space, and the outer striated muscle, with the upper half of the latter consisting of the outer sling of the puborectalis muscle, and the lower half representing the cylindric external sphincter (Figs 1, 3, 5) .


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Rectal Ulcers: Symptoms, Causes, Tests and Treatment

The rectum is a tube connecting the colon (lower intestine) to the anal opening (anus). Stool passes through the rectum and anus when it leaves the body. These ulcers are related to several different conditions. People who have a condition called solitary rectal ulcer syndrome (SRUS) can develop rectal ulcers.

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The electric body groomer is great for removing hair on the cheeks but usually too big to get around the anus, so you need a manual razor for that area. Groomers I Recommend If the hair is thick, then I'd recommend using the Phillips Norelco Bodygroom Pro —the #1 best-selling body groomer on Amazon and a favorite among well-trimmed men.

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This is when the gland becomes sore, inflamed and infected with bacteria. The gland may even burst onto the skin outside of the anus. If that happens it looks like a red, inflamed area that drains pus and anal sac contents on one side of the bum. This condition is often mistaken for hemorrhoids by owners.

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