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But if you’re one of the lucky ones with an undoubtedly large penis, meaning a good inch or two more than the 5 inch average, you should be aware that there is such a thing as “too big” for many women, because by the end of the day, if you’re going to use your penis for penetration, the person on the receiving end has to feel pleasure ...

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Distribution of penis sizes by circumference. 81% of erect penises (green) are between 10 and 13 cm in circumference. Percentile of penile length. Percentile of penile circumference. While results vary slightly across reputable studies, the consensus is that the mean human penis, when erect, is in the range 12.9–15 cm (5.1–5.9 in) in length.

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The average erect penis is just 5.16 inches, according to a 2015 scientific review that looked at the flaccid and erect penises of over 15,500 men. In the review, 68% of men measured between 4.5 ...

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The researchers concluded that the average penis size was 8.8 cm (3.5 in) when flaccid and 12.9 cm (5.1 in) when erect.

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The average girth of the erect penis was 11.6cm (4¾ inches). 90% of men were between 10.5 to 15.8cm in girth (4.1 to 6.2 inches). This which correlates to 1½ to 2 inches across if a man’s penis is circular. It is worth noting that a circular circumference of the penis when erect is most common (see below left).

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Size 3: The Average Joe. Most men – roughly 50% – will fall into size 3. Men in this bracket have a penis that measures 5 to just over 6 inches in length when erect. This is the average penis size in most countries, particularly the United States. For a long time, many men in America thought 7 inches was the national norm thanks to early ...

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A penis of more than 15 centimeters (6 inches) in length could be considered large, but a 19 centimeter penis (7½ inches) - which could be called something along the lines of a "super penis" - may look great in porn movies, but in real life would actually be quite problematic for an average woman.

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Length. 5.16 inches or 13.1 cm. 3.61 inches or 9.2 cm. Girth (circumference) 4.69 inches or 11.9 cm. 3.67 inches or 9.3 cm. These measurements are according to a study done by BJUI (British Journal of Urology International) and several other studies. [1] [2] Currently, the countries with the largest average penis size, 7.1”, are Congo and Sudan.

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Erect length: 13.12 cm (5.17 in) Flaccid girth: 9.31 cm (3.67 in) Erect girth: 11.66 cm (4.59 in) The authors also constructed a handy chart: As shown, 95% of erect penises fall within the range of 9.8 cm (3.86 in) to 16.44 cm (6.47 in). Also, it is interesting to note that the stretched flaccid penis is quite similar in length to the erect ...

20 Types of Penises: Size, Shape, Sex Positions, and More

Narrow base with larger head. The hammer penis, which is long and thin with a much larger head, has all the makings for a good nailing. Wink. The extra girth at the tip stimulates the vaginal or ...